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Pyramid Path Voicework


Voice work is based on fundamental breath, body and inspiration practices that support your authentic expression, creative endeavors and how you relate to yourself, the world, and beyond. This is a program designed to help you on your journey towards a more authentic and empowered self. An invitation to explore your world through the art of vocal expression. The Pyramid Path leads you through the 5 Fundamentals of Expression through a diverse range of techniques, including: - Breathwork - Movement Practices - Self Care Rituals - Vocal Exercises - Regulation Tools - Journeywork 〰 "Singing with Nicole is like unlocking a portal to your deeper self. Held within a container of care and light heartedness, Nicole crafts an environment that fosters exploration and expansion. The tools that I have gained through Nicole’s teachings have not only supported my singing voice, but also my ability to express myself in other aspects of my life" - Tamara 〰 This Program Includes: - 5+ hours of recorded videos to grow and develop your relationship to your voice - A library of practice resources (videos, recordings, etc.) to support you on your path of authentic expression INCLUDING the Build Your Own Practice Guide - A discounted rate for 1:1 voicework sessions with Nicole 〰 Join the Pyramid Voicework today! See you on the path.

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