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Exploring the world of vocal work is a journey of self-discovery. It's a collaborative process that engages every aspect of your being – your physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.


Similar to other forms of self-study, it requires introspection, dedication, and respect, offering in return boundless gifts that resonate throughout your life.

Your voice is as unique as you are, and I'm honored to co-create a nurturing space that supports you in deepening your connection with it.

I employ a diverse range of techniques to assist you on your vocal journey. Your session may include:

Breathwork exercises to strengthen your singing and speaking muscles

Self-care rituals that nurture and relax tense, tired voices

Beautiful folk and classical vocal exercises to develop resonance and pitch awareness

Dynamic movement practices including Yoga and Qi Gong to clear and cultivate vital energy

Herbs, tools and lifestyle suggestions to protect your voice from tension and stress

Sounding and breathing exercises that support nervous system regulation

Guided Journey-work to meet vocal allies and navigate vocal blocks

Songwriting coaching including elements of song and music production


Offering one-on-one and
small group (2-3 person) sessions

Choose between:
60 & 90 minute single sessions
A series of 4 bi-weekly sessions

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I have always been drawn to singing. Photos of me as a little one capture me clutching a turkey baster and singing into a tiny recording device. I don't share this to prove I was "meant" to sing. Rather to express that there was within me an innate desire to sing. Sadly, this desire was systemically repressed so that I spent many formative years not singing, eventually becoming so scared that I ceased singing altogether, even in front of my mom.

Over time and with great care, I've made a significant journey. Today, I confidently share my music with the world and embrace the power of my voice. There have been many surprising boons as I travelled along this vocal path. I've learned to know and share my truth with confidence, foster deeper connections in my relationships, enhance my embodiment practices, communicate with nature, and trust my intuition — all because I've come to trust my voice.

Unlocking Magical Potential
My journey has taught me the transformative potential of self-confidence, harmony with life, and the magic that resides within each of us. While I don't claim to be fully actualized all the time, I now know what is possible and what I'm capable of when I dedicate myself to this honorable path of vocal work.

Embracing The Culture of Song
Throughout my journey, I've been influenced by teachers from diverse cultural backgrounds. I've come to understand that every community possesses a musical thread that keeps it vibrant and alive. A culture's songs reflect its relationship with the land, love, and core values. On an individual level, your voice tells your unique story and expresses your gift to the world. It honors your life's journey and the experiences and values that define you.

Honoring Lineage
A friend once pointed out the striking similarity between my voice and my mother's. This revelation prompted me to listen more closely to her, a gift for both of us. I've even noticed vocal traits reminiscent of my grandmother when I hear her voice in recordings. Recognizing these patterns is a cherished connection and an act of honoring our lineage. Voice work encourages you to observe, explore your curiosity, identify patterns, and build a deeper relationship with life.

Dedication to the Path
I am dedicated to the art of voice, both on a societal and individual level. I'm fascinated by its ancient creative mysteries, its natural healing potential, and its significance in fostering community vitality. In the Western world we are reclaiming vocal work as an integral part of our lives. I believe that singing, whether individually or in groups, can fortify our communities, reminding us of our worth, wisdom, and the vital role we play on this beautiful planet Earth.




Nēlé brings an authentic presence of warmth and appreciation for everyone's unique voice to her sessions.

Her extensive background of trainings and experience help her to easily connect you to the physiology and spirit of your voice.

Nēlé is adept at creating a safe supportive environment that allows one to playfully explore how intuition and trust, mixed with technique, can create a confident relationship with your singing.

Her delight and enthusiasm as a teacher makes each session fun and inspiring and you will feel as though you've had a healing session. One that continues to be felt for days after. 

- Alejandro

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